Cartostrip. The more efficient way to diecut waste stripping, saving up to 85% of labour costs. Made in the UK to the highest standards for safety, durability and reliability.

Customers say that the Cartostrip pays for itself in less than 3 months and goes on saving.  It is easy to use, reduces carton damage, improves gluer through-put, and lowers the risk of injury. Cartostrip and MEDIA GRAPHIC SERVICES stay at your disposal.

For more information: info (at) mgsfrance.com

BN Covermaterials- http://www.bncovermaterials.com

BN Covermaterials is a leading manufacturer of covermaterials, suited to a wide range of applications, from book covers to luxury packaging and from menus to photo albums. You are looking for the best covermaterial there is? We make it! 



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